Gen 1 – Basic Pan-Tilt-Zoom Daylight Payload
(Supplied in 2nd Bravo+ System – in use with Pakistan Air Force)

Gen 2 – Basic PTZ Daylight Payload with on screen position display
(To be supplied with Flamingo System)

Gen 3 – Enhanced version of Gen 2 with Gyro-Stabilized Scene & Target locking system
(Design & Development Phase)

Gen 4 – Upgraded version of Gen 3 with IR camera
(Design & Development Phase)

Medium Range UAV - Flamingo
Tactical Range UAV - Jasoos II (Bravo+)
Short Range UAV - Mukhbar
Mini UAV - Stingray
UAV Half Scale Trainer - HST
UAV Full Scale Trainer - FST
Ground Control Station - GCS
GCS for Tunder-LR

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