UAV NameUAV Full Scale Trainer - FST
UsesTrainer for Jasoos II
Power Plant38 hp, 2 cylinder, 2 stroke Gasoline Engine
DimensionsLength 4.27m, Wingspan 4.92m (Shoulder Wing Monoplane, twin boom)
WeightMax. takeoff weight 110 kg
PerformanceSpeed: 130 kph; Endurance: 4~5 hr; Range: Visual
Guidance TrackingRemote control/Wing Leveler
Structural CompositionComposites
GCSPortable Data Display Station (DDS)
DatalinkReal time downlink
The system is offered with complete user training and assurance of supply of spares and provision of depot level repairs. 

 UAV Full Scale Trainer - FST


The success of the field deployment of a UAV System mainly rest on the skills and training of the operating crew of the system.We at SATUMA realize this key factor and have designed a comprehensive training program for the operations and maintenance of our products.FST is a trainer UAV built around the Jasoos II Airframe. It is used in the UAV operation training program. The FST has the same flying characteristics as the Jasoos series however it is structurally over designed to take the punishments of the training process. The basic Avionics and telemetry are of limited range to keep the cost of the trainer down.FST is being extensively used in the training of Pakistan Air force (PAF) personnel and is currently in production for the PAF.


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