UAV NameUAV Half Scale Trainer - HST
UsesHalf Scale trainer for Jasoos II UAV System
Power Plant120 cc, 2 cylinder, 2 stroke Gasoline Engine
DimensionsLength 2.86m, Wingspan 3.56m (Shoulder Wing Monoplane, twin boom)
WeightMax. takeoff weight 40 kg, Payload 5 kg
PerformanceSpeed: 120 kph; Endurance: 1.5 hr; Range: visual
Guidance TrackingRemote control
Structural CompositionComposites
The system is offered with complete user training and assurance of supply of spares and provision of depot level repairs. 

 UAV Half Scale Trainer - HST


HST is a trainer UAV built around the SATUMA’s Mukhbar airframe. It is used in the UAV operation training program. The HST is used to impart the basic flying skills required to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle. The main aim of HST is to train the pilot in the most crucial part of the flying operation, takeoff and landing.The Avionics in a HST is basically a command receiver to fly the trainer in a Visual circuit. HST is being extensively used in the training of Pakistan Air force (PAF) personnel and is currently in production for the PAF under the name of Parwaz.


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