UAV NameShort Range UAV - Mukhbar
UsesShort Range Tactical reconnaissance, surveillance, damage assessment and various civil applications
Power Plant120 cc, 2 cylinder, 2 stroke Gasoline Engine
DimensionsLength 2.86m, Wingspan 3.56m (Shoulder Wing Monoplane, twin boom)
WeightMax. takeoff weight 40 kg, Payload 5 kg
PerformanceSpeed: 120 kph; Endurance: 1.5 hr; Ceiling: 7,000 ft; Range: 50 km (Live Video)
PayloadEO, customer furnished
Guidance TrackingRemote control/pre-programmed autonomous navigation
Structural CompositionComposites
GCS2 console, truck mounted
DatalinkReal time double datalink
ElectricalPower12V BatteryPowered
The system is offered with complete user training and assurance of supply of spares and provision of depot level repairs. 

 Short Range UAV - Mukhbar


Mukhbar, is a scaled down version of Jassos II, to meet the operational requirement of a short range reconnaissance UAV. The UAV fuselage and wings are completely manufactured using non-metallic materials thus minimizing radar signature. The UAV is completely equipped with autopilot, telemetry, video transmitter and day light camera. The UAV can be operated using a portable ground control station with waypoint navigation within a radius of 30-50 km.


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