UAV NameMedium Range UAV - Flamingo
UsesMedium Range reconnaissance, surveillance, damage assessment and various civil applications
Power Plant50~60 hp, 4 cylinder, 2 stroke Gasoline Engine
DimensionsLength 5.18m, Wingspan 7.315m (Shoulder Wing Monoplane, twin boom)
WeightMax. takeoff weight 245 kg, Payload 30~35 kg
PerformanceSpeed: 130 kph, Endurance: 6~8 hr, Ceiling: 12,000~14,000 ft, Range: 200+ km (Live video)
PayloadEO, customer furnished
Guidance TrackingRemote control, pre-programmed autonomous navigation
LaunchWheeled take off
RecoveryWheeled landing
Structural CompositionComposites
GCS2 console, truck mounted
DatalinkReal time double datalink
The system is offered with complete user training and assurance of supply of spares and provision of depot level repairs. 

 Medium Range UAV - Flamingo


Flamingo is a medium range UAV with an endurance of 6 to 8 hours with a payload carrying capacity of 30 Kg. Flamingo is equipped with an Avionics suite which controls the UAV during it’s beyond visual flight. The UAV flies a pre programmed path which has been fed into the onboard mission computer without any assistance from the Ground. The mission can be manually altered at any time during the flight by a short radio transmission from the ground. Flamingo’s operational radius is only constrained by the line-of-site data links. In case of silent operation, the UAV can reach 400 Km radial distance and return to base. The Line replacement unit architecture of the UAV makes it easy to maintain in field conditions without relying heavily on backup support.


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